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It’s March!! Which means two things, more sunlight and SPRING!!!! We are excited for the new garden season that is slowly, but surely approaching. If you haven’t yet, come check out our seed selection so you can get started with your outdoor garden, indoors. From flowers to vegetables and fruits, we’ve got you covered. Speaking of covered, it’s time to start amending your soil so your plants will be healthy and happy when the time comes to move them outside. Check out the Hard Goods section of the store to see what you’ll need to get your garden ready. Looking for some new yard art? We are stocked with plenty of décor to bring some personality to the garden. Plenty of picture-perfect gifts for the gardener in your life.

Come see us and get all your flower and garden necessities at The Flower Bin.

 Happy Planting!!!!!!


Receive the latest news on what’s happening at the store and the best ideas for seasonal gardening, from your favorite family owned store!                                                                

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Soil Amendments
Our all purpose Flower Bin potting soil is packed with pearlite, peat moss, mycorrhizae and a little bit of fairy dust😉, making it perfect for all your planting needs. We also have our own Seed Starter with added vermiculite, pearlite, peat moss and lime(for PH) to help your seedlings fully flourish into strong and healthy plants.
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Family owned and operated, The Flower Bin has served Colorado Gardeners for over 50 years. How has it done that? Adaptation is one of the most important factors in surviving the greenhouse/garden center industry. A garden center must provide the latest and greatest varieties and cultivars of plants that customers are seeking in a given year, which The Flower Bin does. 

The Flower Bin resides on 5 acres of land with almost 80,000 square feet of indoor growing space, with an additional  20-acre farm in Platteville. In addition to this, there is a large greenhouse dedicated to harboring an extensive collection of roses, along with an outdoor nursery and selection of quality perennials. 

With that much space, the indoor store is quite large. This allows The Flower Bin to carry an extensive inventory that other privately owned garden centers cannot. It is worth seeing for yourself, if for nothing else than to come and enjoy the beauty of the plants.



There is a trend that has grown into a full-fledged movement.

Buy Locally seems to be the well-deserving bandwagon that socially and environmentally-conscious people are jumping on. The Flower Bin has lived and promoted this ideal for years and years by growing its own plants — Over 50 years to be exact. From the corner of Nelson and Sunset the ‘Bin has been helping gardeners of all ages and experience levels fill their gardens and homes with locally-grown options for any occasion.

We have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our customers and the community that they live in, support and help beautify.

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