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1000’s of Locally Grown Perennials to Choose From!

Perhaps our position as purveyors of pleasing and popular plants prompts us to promote perennials.  All the same, please permit us to expound on the profound permanence and prolific performance of perennial plants To produce a peaceful paradise from pure pandemonium, patience must prevail.  Planning is paramount!  Prepare plots with pensive persistence, and plenty of peat!  (Practice makes perfect!)
Peruse our plants and purchase particularly pleasing perennials to populate your present or pending garden plots.
Proper plantings will produce a pastoral panorama.  Placed on the perimeter of the patio of the patio, their pleasant perfumes will permeate the air!

Perhaps the persnickity people will perceive this proposition to be preposterous.  But perennials, planted promptly, protected and not parched, well produce ponderous bouquets of petals prime for the picking!
These perpetual performers deserve praise!  Just peer into any public or private plots over which perennials preside.  From primitive places to prim and proper palaces, perennials persist!

Partake or procrastinate…..it’s your prerogative!



There are many perennials suitable for sun; Adenophora, Alcea (Hollyhocks), Allium, Asclepias syriaca (Milkweed), Aster, Baptisia, Bellis, Chrysanthemums, Coreopsis, Echinacea (Coneflower), Erysimum, Eupatorium (Joe Pye-Weed), Gaura, Hardy Geranium, Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath), Helenium, Helianthumum, Heliopsis (False Sunflowers), Hemerocallis (Day Lilly), Iberis, Iris, Kniphofio (Torch lilly), Lavender, Leucanthemum (Shasta Daisy), Liatris, Lilium (Asiatic Lily), Lilium (Oriental Lily), Lupinus (Lupine), Lychinis, Monarda (Bee Balm), Papaver (Poppy), Phlox, Platycomdon (Balloon Flower), Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susan), Scabiosa, Stachys, Stokesis, Tanacetum (Painted Daisy), Verbascum, Veronica, and Viola are some of the perennials we have that love sun.  The pictures below represent a few of these sun lovers.


There are many areas in a garden that are in the shade.  We have many varieties of perennials which are suited best for the shade.  They include;Aconitum (Monkshood), Anemone, Astilbe, Bergenia, Brunnera, Celone, Cimicifuga, Dicentra (Bleeding Hearts), Helloborus (Lenten Rose), Hosta, Ligularia, Polemonium (Jacob’s Ladder), Thalictrum (Meadow Rue), and Tradescantia, are some of the varieties that prefer shade. 


Groundcover, Rock Garden, Shade/Part Shade, Shade/Sun, Sun/Part Shade, Vines.  So many perennials, so many light and water requirements.  Let our knowledgeable staff direct you to the ones suitable for any location in your garden.