A Poinsettia Story

     You may know that the popular Christmas plant gets its common name from Joel Robert Poinsett.   He introduced the plant, Euphorbia pulcherrima, to the U.S. in 1825.  But this is a small part of the whole story of the poinsettia.  It is here that our story continues with the journey of one plant….
     It feels like it was a long time ago but it was only 4 months ago that my life began.  I was born, or clipped, from my mother plant in the first week of July.  At that time I was about two inches long and had only a few leaves.  Almost immediately I was stuck up to my leaves in growing media.  Next to me sat my brothers and sisters.  We were only some of many that filled a very large, warm room.  Several times a day we were sprayed with a fine mist while being constantly heated from beneath.  
      In a couple of weeks I started to notice changes.  It became easier for me to drink water and eat nutrients.  I was growing roots of my very own!  Before I knew it some of my siblings and I were being packed into boxes. When we saw daylight again, two days later, we were at our new home—The Flower Bin.

1805 Nelson Road, Longmont, CO  80501 -  Located at the SW corner of Nelson and Sunset  (303)772-3454
Flower Bin Grown Poinsettias
Water is VITAL.  The soil should be moderately dry before watering. Add plenty of water and allow excess to drain.  
Drainage is ESSENTIAL.
If wrapped,  be sure to cut a hole in the wrapper.  Use a tray to catch water.
Draughts are a NO-NO
Poinsettias prefer a spot free from frequent drafts, hot or cold.

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Astro Red
Christmas Beauty Marble
Christmas Glamour
Enduring Marble
Enduring Pink
Hera Red
Gold Rush
Ice Punch
Infinity Polar
Jester Red
Jester White
Jingle Bell Rock
Jubilee Jingle Bells
Orange Spice
Peppermint Ruffles
Polar Bear White
Prestige Burgundy
Prestige Early Red
Prestige Red
Princettia Hot Pink
Princettia Pink
Princettia White
Red Glitter
Ruby Frost
Sparkling Punch
Wiinter Rose Early
Pictured below are the 30 varieties of Flower Bin Grown Poinsettias available for 2017.  Shop early for the best selection!
(click on each picture for variety name)
Corner of Sunset 
and Nelson
1805 Nelson Rd
Longmont, CO  80501
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