Our  fall mums come in every color you could want. 

No matter what color scheme you are coordinating with or accents you are creating we have the PERFECT COLOR.  Our mums come in four sizes:  Small 4.5 inch, Standard 8
inch, Large 12 inch, and Jumbo 14 inch pots.  

Flower Bin mums bloom in multiple timings.  This means that you can find a complete selection of colors and forms from the beginning of our mum season to the end during the fall.  

The table to the right lists Mums available at The Flower Bin.
1805 Nelson Road, Longmont, CO  80501 -  Located at the SW corner of Nelson and Sunset  (303)772-3454
All our mums are Flower Bin Grown - This means that our professional dedicated growers have crafted these plants to be the best they can be. They take care to provide optimal  amounts of water and nutrition to grow a plant that is well-proportioned, disease free, weather-tough, and above all, beautiful.

No Pinch - Many mums that are grown as perennials need continuous maintenance throughout the growing season. This is NOT the case with Flower Bin mums.  We grow only “NO-PINCH” mums.  This means that the round, shapely, well-proportioned mum that you take home will return year after year with minimal manipulation.   
Tough Plants - Every mum that is grown by the Flower Bin is HARDY. This means that when planted in the ground in early fall your mum will return the following growing season to delight you with another mound of beautiful blossoms. This is not always the case with mums from our  competitors. Since our mums are carefully Flower Bin Grown, they are tougher than your average mums purchased elsewhere. If you choose to plant them in the ground as a perennial they will acclimate faster. If you choose to enjoy them as an annual they will last longer.

Versatile - Our mums come in every color you could want.  No matter what color scheme you are coordinating with or accents you are creating we have the  PERFECT COLOR.


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Mums - Colorful, Versatile, Tough and BEAUTIFUL
Three different varieties planted together for an outstanding color display.  Available in 10 different combinations
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